....Created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life. (Eph. 2:10). Because we are God's work of art, he calls us to serve Him in different forms of life. Some He calls as Single persons, Married persons, Religious. Each of us has a life dream. It helps us to answer this question: "What shall I do with my adult life?" Our life's dream can be sometimes very vague. All Christians have a 'vocation' in life. The realization of this call will come at different times of life and in different ways. The call from God can only be heard when you are in tune with God. Not everyone will be drawn to Religious Life. If you think you are, it is at least worth exploring. Think about it, pray about it, we will help you in any way we can...whatever your choice may be.


Evangelization is the Heart call of our Vocation. We engage in different of works: Primary Evangelization, Catechesis, Spiritual Animation, Mass Media and Communication, Religious Music, Drama, Clinical services, Teaching, Outreaches, to Schools, Homes, Prisons, Churches and Hospitals, Ecumenical and Inter-religious Dialogues, Women Empowerment Programs, Supporting the poor and the Widows caring for the Elderly. Our understanding of the New Evangelization encompasses services in the overall sector of things that Christ may be known and His kingdom of peace established here on earth.


It is the closer imitation of Jesus Christ proclaiming the Good News to everyone through the Acts 11 (Acts of Apostles Chapter 2) process of Conversion, Proclamation and Community.


Make the preaching of the GOOD NEWS your lives work in a thorough going service"(2 Tim 4:5), OR briefly expressed as " Set Apart for the Gospel"( Rom1:1)


The New Evangelization Sisters (NES) of Mother of Perpetual Help is an INDIGENOUS Religious Congregation   founded on the 1st of July 1993 by Most Rev. Dr. Anthony Gbuji, the then Bishop of Issele-Uku diocese   in response to the incessant call of the late Holy Father, Pope John Paul 2 to a New Era of Evangelization

The New Evangelization Sisters (NES) of Mother of Perpetual Help is headed by the Superior General Mother Justina Nwobi